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What we have to offer

Mile High Falcons has the licensing, experience, and facilities to care for over 20 birds of prey. Whether you are a falconer looking for your next bird, a company looking for a special appearance during their next event, or anyone in between, we have you covered!


We are able to breed Prairies, Barbarys, Gyrs, Sakers, Harris Hawks, and Kestrels!


We are available for special events & falconry programs - both in person or virtual

We are a reliable and trusted resource in the raptor world for behavior and habitat

Featured Raptor

Sahara the Barbary Falcon

Sahara is part of a line of Barbary Falcons from Gary Starr, and was hand-reared by Devin in the spring of 2014. She is the most spoiled baby and answers to the name "Bebe Saheewee". She enjoys romping around her mews while carrying various binky toys such as binky bacon or binky wombat.